Master Your Hotel Management System:

RoomRaccoon Academy

Empowering hoteliers is our passion and purpose. Discover more about our wide variety of informative customer training options. Elevate your RoomRaccoon skillset with our webinars, masterclasses and online system training.

Upskill with RoomRaccoon Academy

Our Academy Module is an educational hub designed to help you use the RoomRaccoon system to the best of your ability.

It offers you opportunities to unlock and set up features and tools to optimise your property in three key areas: guest experience, property automation, and connections.

The best part? You can work through the Academy independently with our informative help centre articles or book a call with one of our Customer Success Managers if you need assistance.

Find All The Answers in Our Help Centre

Empowering hoteliers is our passion and purpose. Consistently updated and optimizsd by system experts – our Help Centre articles are created with you in mind.

Our Help Centre is the consolidated gold mine of RoomRaccoon knowledge and tips and tricks. Browse through different categories to learn more or simply search to find your answers.

You can access the Help Centre from the resources tab on our website. It is also accessible from your PMS by clicking on the question mark icon in the bottom right of the interface.

RoomRaccoon Training Tokens

Introducing Raccoon Training Tokens! This exclusive currency is the equivalent of credits that can be used to obtain training from a RoomRaccoon Customer Training Specialist.

Your RoomRaccoon subscription plan determines the number of tokens you have. However, you can purchase tokens or perform certain actions to earn them! And the more you learn, the more you earn!

What can you redeem with our Training Tokens? We offer a variety of training options for our users. You can choose from webinars, online system training, or in-person masterclasses.

Online System Training

Keep your system skills up to scratch with our online training. Register online quickly and easily for convenient online classes to improve your daily operations with our functionalities.

RoomRaccoon hosts and facilitates 2 cycles a month of OST to teach you how to use and navigate around the RoomRaccoon system and features. Each cycle spans over 4 days, you can register for them individually or for the full cycle.

Register for an In-Person Masterclass

FAQs About Customer Training

1How do I register for customer training and masterclasses?
You can register via the online links that are shared by RoomRaccoon. The links for upcoming customer training and masterclasses can be found under Academy in the help center.
2How often do online training sessions occur?
A Customer Training Specialist conducts and facilitates two training cycles each month to teach users how to use and navigate the RoomRaccoon system and its features.
3Where are masterclasses hosted?
RoomRaccoon currently hosts live in-person Masterclasses in the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Germany and South Africa.