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Build an easy-to-use website that converts visitors into guests. Offer discounts, showcase additional services, and build a visually stunning website that drives more direct online bookings.

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Track Your Website's Conversion Rate

Add tracking codes to track the behaviour of your website visitors through Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels.

Integrate with our Booking Engine

RoomRaccoon’s built-in booking engine is designed to handle direct bookings in just five simple steps while keeping your calendar up to date.

Attract Website Visitors with SEO Optimization

Our hotel website builder has all the necessary features to create an SEO-friendly website, including automatic SSL certification to ensure site security.

Build & Publish Your Website Effortlessly

RoomRaccoon's website builder offers a user-friendly interface. The web-building tool's management console makes your build a breeze.

Easily Design the Website You Want

RoomRaccoon’s Hotel Website Builder is a fully visual page builder with beautiful and functional pre-built templates. No coding is required. Convert visitors to bookers.

Customise Professionally Designed Templates

RoomRaccoon's website builder is loaded with custom templates designed by our in-house design team, focusing on hotel branding and marketing. Just supply your content to our team for a once-off managed service cost. Take a sneak peek at our templates here!

Craft Your Dream
Website Effortlessly.

RoomRaccoon’s hotel website builder allows you to customize one of our awesome templates to quickly and easily get your website live. Feeling creative? You can also build your own website with our wide variety of pre-formatted section templates. No coding experience is required to create your very own hotel website.

Unlock Your Online Potential

  • Create a website that converts lookers into bookers
  • Measure your conversions and set goals
  • Experiment with different landing pages

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Flexible Design Pricing Packages

Not everyone has time for design - and that’s okay!
You can fast-track your website creation by selecting between our flexible package options below:

Premium Design Package

This package offers a selection of premium template designs suitable for creating multi-language, multi-page websites. These templates are designed by award-winning UX designers and can be customized to match your hotel's unique color scheme and branding.

Standard Design Package

Our standard website builder package is ideal for those who prefer a hands-on approach to website design. It offers a range of basic single-page website templates, which are easy to use and quick to set up. Learn more in our T&Cs below.

Terms & Conditions: 

RoomRaccoon's responsibility in both packages is limited to the website's design. Our team will handle the layout, the template customization, and the overall look and feel of the website. However, the content, imagery, copywriting, and translations – the elements that fill and complete the website – are not covered by the RoomRaccoon team. These aspects need to be provided or managed by the hotel or an external agency.

Frequently asked questions

1What is the best website builder for small businesses and hotels?
A great property or hotel needs an excellent website for a solid online presence. The best website builder for small businesses and hotels enables you to build, design, and publish your website efficiently. Our hotel website builder requires no coding experience and has a simple select-and-add interface. Offered as an upgrade to your integrated PMS, choosing the website builder is a no-brainer! The RoomRaccoon Website builder has responsive design, tracking tools and is SEO-friendly. Drive more direct bookings with a website builder that increases your revenue time and time again.
2Which website builder is best for SEO?
SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, involves strategies both on and off your website to enhance its search engine visibility. This is crucial for popular search engines like Google and Bing to easily locate your website's content. Once your website is reliable and provides valuable content that addresses user queries with a seamless user experience, search engines will reward you with free organic traffic. The best website builder for SEO possesses the following features: mobile responsiveness, an SSL certificate for security, clean code structure, and user-friendly navigation cues such as Call to Actions (CTAs) and internal links guiding users throughout your site. Meet the Raccoon Site Builder – it requires no coding expertise, offers drag-and-drop functionality, and boasts a range of professional templates that can be customized to align with your property's unique brand and ambience. Say goodbye to confusing jargon and embrace SEO success
3How do you choose a hotel website builder?
When choosing a hotel website builder, first and foremost, you need to be able to work with the builder. Choosing a website builder with front-end editing capabilities is best, like RoomRaccoon’s select-and-add builder. Your hotel website builder should be easy to customize and responsive when viewed on mobiles or tablets. We offer an affordable hotel website builder that includes fees and costs usually associated with website development, like hosting and domain fees. Even better? By choosing our hotel website builder with templates, you’ll save thousands on what would have been spent on developers and designers.
4What is an easy website builder for small businesses?
Website-building applications are aplenty in our modern age. An easy website builder for small businesses should have a simple user interface and great templates to customize. It’s also essential that the website builder is SEO-friendly and responsive. RoomRaccoon’s hotel website builder is a simple and easy solution for small businesses, with all the above and more!
5How much does a hotel website builder cost?
A hotel website builder should be affordable and efficient. Our hotel website builder is an upgrade slot offered with RoomRaccoon’s integrated Property Management System. With our starter package, you get one upgrade. If you choose the website builder, your monthly cost will start at approximately $230 (based on 18 rooms). If you go for our premium package, the most popular option with three upgrades, you’re looking at $230 per month (based on 18 rooms).

Hotel Booking Guide: A Guide To More Direct Bookings

Customize your hotel booking engine to match your website. Select colors, upload photos of your rooms, and insert your logo for a seamless user experience. You can select preferred booking conditions like 50% pre-payments and the required guest information fields.

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