Hotel Booking Engine: A Guide to More Direct Bookings

This guide provides an overview of how to use a hotel booking engine to maximise direct bookings effectively. We will cover the different features of a hotel booking engine, how to compare different hotel booking engines and helpful tips and tricks for maximising your booking experience.

What’s in this guide?

Benefits and must-have features
A hotel booking engine is a software application used on your website to securely process reservations. But not all booking engines are created equal. Discover the must-have features to get the most benefits from your booking engine in 2023.
How to capitalise on the billboard effect with a booking engine
The billboard effect is a smart marketing strategy that allows a hotel with a booking engine website to catch more direct bookings. Find out how you can use this strategy to attract more visitors to your website!
Other tools to use with your booking engine
Integration is incredibly important. A booking engine should be able to integrate with a few key systems to ensure the accuracy and smooth running operation of your property’s front and back end.

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