Automated hotel payment processing with RaccoonPay

Make it easy, fast, and secure for your guests to pay at any point in the customer journey, online or at the front desk. 

RaccoonPay is our fully integrated all-in-one payment system that uses automation to process transactions, saving you time and costs instantly.

More ways to get paid and we’re always working to add even more.

Integrated point of sake system | POS

RaccoonPay Dashboard

RaccoonPay guarantees quick and seamless payment processing through the RoomRaccoon booking engine, channel manager, and at your front desk. 

Process all your payments in one system and track payments in real-time with the RaccoonPay Dashboard. 

View all payment activity — payments, payouts, VCCs, refunds and more.

Payments overview

See a real-time summary of all payment activity; payments, payouts, refunds, and more!

Customisable digital documents

Add your logo and customise the theme of your pre or post-arrival payment requests. 

Confirmation emails

Send automatic confirmation emails when payments have successfully been processed.

Payment reporting

Track where most of your payments come from and which payment methods are most popular.

Booking engine payments

Process pre-payments and capture credit card details directly on your website with the RoomRaccoon booking engine.

Channel manager payments

Store credit card details from OTAs like and auto-charge VCCs on the activation date.

One-click payments from the guest reservation

Easily manage your payments from the guest reservation. You can collect payments at any point during the guest journey using digital payment documents and pre-authorise credit cards for guarantees. 

You can also initiate POS transactions from the guest reservation with a fully integrated RaccoonPay Card Machine.


Do you have an invoice that’s due? Request payment easily and quickly via email with just one click.

Card pre-authorization

Verify credit cards to ensure continued validity and hold funds for a short period to collect a breakage fee if required


Charge outstanding payments at your front desk with the integrated RaccoonPay Card Machine.

Virtual Credit Card Management

RaccoonPay auto-charges VCCs from OTAs when the card is activated – no manual effort is required.

VCC Benefits:

  • Payment Security

VCCs hold temporary account details valid for one purchase, making them hack-proof. 

  • Payment Reconciliation

Payment data such as date, amount, and the purchaser is attached to the credit card number transfer.

  • Faster Payments

VCCs process payments faster than a traditional credit card for speedier reconciliation.

  • Auto-Charge VCCs

Never miss out on revenue. RaccoonPay auto-charges VCCs on the morning of the effective payment date.

  • VCC Dashboard

See a daily overview of charged and uncharged VCCs and the relevant booking channels.

Security you and your guests can rely on

RaccoonPay is designed to store and process property and guest data safely.

We merge industry-leading security standards and automation to reduce the risk of fraud, identity theft, and illicit activities.


RaccoonPay is compliant with the SCA that performs multi-factor authentication to increase the security of electronic payments.


All card details are tokenised so that data is not visible when stored in RaccoonPay.

Chargeback support

RaccoonPay notifies you of the chargeback and submits information to the acquiring company.

End-to-end encryption

Transaction encryption from the point of sale to the endpoint. 

3D Secure Authentication

RaccoonPay adds an extra layer of security to online transactions by enforcing the latest version of 3D Secure and 3D Secure 2.0 technology — providing a strong defence against fraudulent activity.


Banks approve transactions without input from the cardholder, removing friction from the booking process.


The cardholder can be authenticated even if they don’t make a purchase. This is extremely useful for adding credit card guarantees.


The authentication process is mobile responsive to ensure you provide a mobile booking experience that’s fast and seamless in the booking engine.


Integrated front desk payments

The RaccoonPay Card Machine is a fully integrated POS solution for convenient fully-automated front desk payments.

Payment intents are initiated by the RoomRaccoon system, saving you time and eliminating keying errors. 

  • No set-up fee!
  • Affordable transaction rates
  • WiFi-enabled 
  • Wireless connection
  • Real-time reporting
  • Tap and go
  • User guide


FAQs: Hotel Payment Processing

OTAs like and Expedia use virtual credit cards (VCCs) as digital payment methods. VCCs provide a secure payment option for both guests and hotels by protecting payment data from being compromised.

1. Virtual cards increase payment security

Virtual credit cards offer an extra layer of security against criminal activity via insecure connections or data breaches. Virtual cards are rendered useless to hackers as they create temporary account details for the merchant that are only valid for one purchase.

2. Virtual cards simplify supplier payments

With virtual cards, payment data is attached to the credit card number transfer, so both the guest and the hotel can pinpoint a transaction to the exact date, amount, purchaser, and item. This allows accounting departments to automate the reconciliation of expenses and free up time to analyse the valuable data being gathered.

3. Single-use virtual credit cards.

Single-use virtual cards can only be used for one specific amount or for multiple transactions with a specified sum. For example, a virtual card can be used for 200 transactions, or it can be used for 20 transactions, depending on how the card is set up. They are popular because hotels get paid faster and experience more efficient reconciliation.

All cards with a VCC balance higher than zero will be charged on the day of the effective payment date. This is subjective to each property and your contract with the OTA. All cards will be charged in the morning, and the overview will be ready for you when you start your working day. Learn more here.

Payouts are made weekly by default and include all payments that have been processed. However, you can change the schedule to daily or monthly payouts.