DigitalGuest Experience Platform

DigitalGuest is a powerful guest experience platform that optimizes the entire guest journey. From pre-stay to post-stay, your guests’ needs are taken care of in one easy-to-use web app. In conjunction with a PMS, DigitalGuest eases the workload and automates processes to save precious time.

About DigitalGuest

DigitalGuest is a digital experience platform. This software aims to enrich the guest experience while saving hoteliers time. With all guest information and communication consolidated in DigitalGuest, you can customize your guests’ journey from pre-stay to post-stay.

Hoteliers can customize every aspect of their digital guestbook with the hotel’s branding. You can build your unique guestbook easily and quickly with our easy-to-use interface. You can customize fonts, colors, brand assets, and imagery.

The intuitive design interface guides your build, showing where you might add information next. The intuitive nature enables a quick turnaround time on additions, edits, or changes. Updating and creating your guestbook has never been easier!


  • This integration allows hoteliers complete automation and personalization of the entire guest journey, saving the hotel valuable time and increasing revenue.
  • All features of DigitalGuest are accessible. Customers can automate communication, offer personalized upselling deals, share information and send unique surveys – in one web-based platform.
  • With DigitalGuest’s reporting, you can learn more about your guests and what they like. Dive into data regarding the guest experience and statistics on the platform and improve hotel operations based on the feedback.

How does the DigitalGuest integration with RoomRaccoon work?

RoomRaccoon sends all data regarding the guest’s booking to DigitalGuest. This allows DigitalGuest to send out pre-stay, in-stay, and post-stay automated communication.

The hotel can send out automated and personalized communication with enticing upselling deals and information Up to 14 days before arrival. Hotels can send communication, including customized surveys, up to 5 days after check-out.

All the booking details and data about the guest journey are stored in DigitalGuest, allowing the hotelier to target and customize the platform for each guest so they experience a 100% personalized stay.

A live dashboard of all your received Guest Feedback is available, where the hotelier can view specific areas and reply to them directly. This helps hotel staff to understand their guests’ experiences, improve them and increase direct bookings.

Get ready to reach the right guest with the right information at the right time!

How to connect DigitalGuest to RoomRaccoon?

Search DigitalGuest in the Connectivity Centre, and click on the plus icon. An integration notification will be sent to RoomRaccoon.


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