Nuki Smart Locks

Nuki home connections allow hoteliers and property owners to simplify their key management system. The Nuki smart lock streamlines room key management and enhances the guest check-in and access experience. Independent security institutes have verified Nuki smart locks’ safety.

About Nuki

Nuki smart lock is an electronic retrofit door lock, perfect for hospitality business owners who want to streamline access control. As Europe’s leading smart hotel solution, Nuki is a reliable and secure smart lock option. 

Nuki and RoomRaccoon empower hoteliers to boost their business and operational efficiency. You no longer have to worry about replacing lost key cards, customers’ frustrations of being locked out, or managing physical key card stock.

You’ll save time and money with the digital solution of Nuki smart locks. All the while improving each and every guest’s experience at your hospitality establishment. There’s never been a better time to invest in smart room technology than now.


  • Nuki improves guests’ experiences by offering convenient and easy access to their rooms, so they never have to worry about lost or forgotten keys.
  • RoomRaccoon & Nuki work in synchronicity to ensure that guests’ data and entry process with smart locks is safe and secure.
  • Hoteliers will save costs by reducing spending on physical room keys that can be damaged or misplaced and save time by removing key handover from the check-in process.

How does the Nuki Smart Lock integration with RoomRaccoon work?

When you connect Nuki home solutions with RoomRaccoon, our PMS allows your guests to access hotel rooms with smartphones for their stay. With a key code connection, room key management has never been more simple. Property owners can easily install the Nuki smart locks on hotel doors without any damage or hassle – no drilling or screws are required! 

Nuki has covered every base to ensure guests can always access their rooms. While intelligent keys via smartphones are the first option, guests can still access rooms with physical keys if the digital access option has been misplaced. Please note that in order to activate this integration, you need a Nuki Smart Lock, a Nuki Bridge and a Nuki web account.

How to connect Nuki to RoomRaccoon:

Search Nuki in the Connectivity Centre, and click on the plus icon. An integration notification will be sent to RoomRaccoon.


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