Empower your team with automated upselling for hotels

Upselling hotel guests is a quick way to drive more revenue and increase profitability. But selling is hard, and training front desk staff is even harder. Now there’s another option: RaccoonUpsell. 

Set it up, sit back and watch your revenue increase.


Fully automated revenue generating tool


Customize guest extras and services


Inventory control & availability updates

Generate a higher RevPAR with pre-arrival upselling

With RaccoonUpsell, you can add another layer to your pre-arrival process that allows guests to create a custom stay and generate additional revenue for your hotel without lifting a finger.

RoomRaccoon users that combine the convenience of online check-in and RaccoonUpsell increase their RevPAR by 15% on average.  


Guests who can customize their stay are more likely to return

Pre-arrival upselling is the most engaging and exciting way for guests to customize their stay. A unique experience and this personalized service is the perfect formula to foster guest loyalty.

1 %
of hotels that use RaccoonUpsell increase their REVPAR by
1 %

Room Upgrades

Who can resist a more spacious room with a better view? Let your guests seamlessly upgrade rooms before arrival with RaccoonUpsell.

  • Select the upgrades to upsell for every room category.
  • Upgradable rooms are shown according to availability. 
  • Your availability is automatically updated in the PMS.

Ancillary Services

Guests that don’t know what’s on offer will never buy it. Offer your guests the chance to purchase additional services from a customized guest service menu.

  • Advertise your services with creative descriptions!
  • Include photos to attract and entice guests.
  • Include discounts to sweeten the deal. 

Did you know:
Upsell conversion rate is 7% for rooms and 9% for extras.

Customize your guest service menu​

Fully manage the services and experiences you want to upsell.

Decide if you wish to charge per person or night and if you want to include an online check-in discount. 

You can also switch on upselling in the hotel booking engine to offer guests relevant extras during the booking stage.


Plantage Rococo Eco Hotel is an 11-room hotel that generated $22513.26 in extra revenue in 2021 using RaccoonUpsell.

“I would definitely recommend RaccoonUpsell to others! We sell a bottle of champagne every weekend, and the massages are always fully booked.” 

Anja de Rijk - Hotel Owner.


The most opportune time to upsell guests

The online check-in process is a key opportunity to serve guests. 

Easy online registration and upselling components can make this touchpoint a real strength for your business and improve your bottom line.

RoomRaccoon’s online-check in hotel software is available with all packages.

  • Staff can focus on welcoming guests and not selling.
  • Reduce front desk queues by 70% during high season.
  • Cater to mobile-savvy travelers expecting this convenience.

Good to know:

The global search volume for the “self-check-in hotels” query doubled from December 2019 to December 2021.