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Your boutique hotel offers a unique and charming experience with personalized service.

Transform your boutique hotel's efficiency and guest experience with RoomRaccoon's intuitive boutique management software, streamlining operations for heightened guest satisfaction and unlocking new levels of success.

Unleash the potential of your boutique hotel with RoomRaccoon software

Boutique hotel software, all in one platform.

Channel Manager:
Connect directly to top booking channels

We’re partnered with leading OTAs and third-party booking channels to expand the reach of your bed sales across multiple platforms.

Effortlessly manage your rates and availability with RoomRaccoon’s lightning-fast channel manager, all from a single screen.

Booking Engine:
Make your website bookable in an instant

By connecting the RoomRaccoon booking engine to your hostel website, you can easily convert visitors into paying guests.

Encourage guests to make direct bookings with fully integrated features:
  • Currency and language converter
  • Multi-property switcher
  • Booking confirmation
  • Price Checker
  • Discount codes
  • Room add-ons
  • Responsive design
  • Pre-payments

PMS: Manage back and
front-end operations

The RoomRaccoon property management system (PMS) acts as a centralized hub, integrating multiple modules that cater to every aspect of hostel operations, including guest management, revenue management, property set-up, housekeeping, payments, reporting, and more!

Deliver a Contactless Guest Journey

  • Online check-in

  • Automated upsells

  • Marketplace

  • Personalized emails

  • Online self check-out

  • Housekeeping app

  • Digital payment requests

  • Mobile key integrations

  • Packages & add-ons

    Things to consider

    Manage reservations with the finesse of secure cloud-based software boasting user-friendly native features. Say goodbye to the headaches of yesteryear and say hello to a world of boutique hotel management software powered by RoomRaccoon. Empower your team with intuitive technology that scales, adapts, and performs. In a world full of hotels, be the one that offers a boutique experience.

    Training and support

    Dedicated services to get you up and running quickly with continued support.

    Features and ease of use

    Directly tailor the system to your setup with integrated modules and upgrades.

    Why Property Operators Love RoomRaccoon

    Exceptional professionalism

    "RoomRaccooon has transformed our booking management system overnight. The professionalism it allows us to deliver to our clients is exceptional."

    Mariessa Devlin, Gleneagles Luxury Apartments
    Makes life easier

    "What is RoomRaccoon in one word……. BRILLIANT! It has made my life as a B&B owner so much easier"

    Owner, 58 On Hume
    User Friendly

    "RoomRaccoon's best features are its user-friendliness, modernity, connection to our online payment system and other platforms, as well as the constant evolution and improvement."

    Property owner, Mr. Kahawa Waterfront Suites
    Intuitive system

    "This is the best and easiest booking and channel management system I found available on the market. The team is really friendly and always ready to help in case of any queries. Will recommend without hesitation!"

    General Manager, Ocean Sports

    FAQs About Boutique Hotel Management Software

    1What is boutique management software, and how can it benefit my business?
    Boutique hotel management software is a cloud-based system that provides hoteliers with the tools to optimize various operational aspects of boutique hotels. More specifically, RoomRaccoon’s hotel management software can benefit your business by tackling the core limitations of any property, like poor online visibility, time-consuming administration, ineffective distribution, and guest dissatisfaction - all by providing hoteliers with everything they need to take their business to the next level and achieve their goals.
    2What features should I look for in boutique management software?
    For boutique hoteliers, you should look for features that ensure smooth operations and a delightful guest experience such as RoomRaccoon’s all-in-one hotel reservation software. This solution will help you to avoid issues with system integrations and communication. Here are some additional essential features for day-to-day operations:

    Reservation management
    Guest management
    Channel management
    Online bookings
    Dynamic pricing
    Guest communication
    Guest profiles
    3How can boutique management software improve my inventory management?
    With RoomRaccoon’s property management system (PMS), you can easily save up to four hours every day by automating check-ins, online bookings, housekeeping, billing, and reporting. Imagine how efficient your property could be with a system like this; you'll have better inventory management and a more streamlined operation.
    4What are the key steps to implementing boutique management software in my business?
    Incorporating boutique management software into your hotel requires a few essential steps to guarantee a seamless transition and maximize its usage. Firstly, you must identify your boutique hotel's distinct requirements and difficulties, determining the necessary features and functions within the boutique management software. Do your research to compare features, pricing, and customer reviews, ideally opting for an all-in-one HMS where all your essential features are in one centralized hub. Test the new software with existing systems to ensure smooth integration and implement it in stages to minimize disruptions. Lastly, it’s crucial to monitor the system's performance post-implementation and have a support plan to address any ongoing issues promptly.
    5How much does boutique hotel management software cost?
    RoomRaccoon's boutique hotel software offers flexible subscription packages starting at $188 monthly with upgrades available. Subscription costs depend on the number of rooms and chosen package: Entry, Starter, Premium, or Enterprise. The solution is ideal for various accommodation types, including hostels, apartments, bed and breakfast, and multi-properties. You can check out our website for detailed pricing and subscription costs.